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  Advertise - Business, Events, Ads   Рекламируйте Бизнес, События, Объявления
Contact  Options & Fees  Components  Effectiveness  Disclaimer  Payment  Rewards
Russian-speaking providers of various services and education in Southern California
(incl. Los Angeles Area, Orange County, San Diego County and Inland Empire) are
welcome to advertise their business on this website in Services or Education directory. 

Offers or inquiries for jobs, rent, sale can be placed in section Ads (classifieds). 

Organizers of cultural events related to Russian language and traditions 
are welcome to advertise such events on this website in section Events

Русскоязычные бизнесы по услугам и образованию в Южной Калифорнии
(вкл. Лос-Анджелес, графство Оранж, Сан-Диего и "
Внутреннюю Империю") приглашаются рекламировать на этом сайте в разделе Услуги или Образование

Отдельные предложения или запросы по работе, аренде, продаже
могут быть размещены на этом сайте в разделе Объявления

Организаторы культурных событий, связанных с русским языком и традициями приглашаются рекламировать эти мероприятия на этом сайте в разделе События.


  Contact for Advertising      Контакт для рекламы                                               top  

To place an advertisement, please e-mail the request with your name and phone number
to or call (949) 856-9926 and leave a message. 

Russian text can be typed using virtual Russian keyboard
linked at the bottom right corner of every page of this website.  

Чтобы разместить рекламу, пошлите запрос с Вашим именем и телефоном
по электронной почте или звоните по телефону (949) 856-9926. 

Русский текст можно напечатать с помощью виртуальной русской клавиатуры, 
ссылка к которой имеется в нижнем правом углу каждой страницы этого сайта.


  Options and Fees      Варианты и стоимость                                                      top  

Posting in Ads (job, rent, sale):  $30 for 2 months minimum

Options for a new listing for a business: 

• Advertisement in Services (for 6 months minimum) 

 - basic (2 or 3 lines in section, see examples):  $15 per month 

 - detailed (plus separate page, see example):  $25 per month 

• Advertisement in Education (for 6 months minimum)  

 - basic (2 or 3 lines in section, see examples):  $10 per month 

 - detailed (plus separate page, see example):  $20 per month

Monthly rate for a continuing advertisement stays the same as when it started.  

Payments for advertisement can be made as follows (see details below):  
with a credit or debit card - online or by phone, 
or with a check - by mail. 

Fees for advertisements in Events are determined on an individual basis. 

Listings in Organizations in Links are free of charge, assuming reciprocal promotion
of this website among members of the organization.


  Components                                                                                                                     top  

Advertisement in Services or Education directory includes the following: 
• Posting in its relevant section and in Services-new or Education-new page 
• Posting in Directory Additions at the bottom of Events page
• Listing in weekly update in Facebook pages associated with this website (see below)
• Announcing in the next e-mail Bulletin, if sent within the first term of advertisement
• Posting in Featured column in Services or Education page and on the left of Events page 
   at first mid-term, with announcement in the next e-mail Bulletin, 
sent within the term of advertisement. 

Advertisement in Ads section includes the following: 
• Posting in corresponding sub-division 
• Listing in weekly update in Facebook pages associated with this website (see below)
• Announcing in next e-mail Bulletin (see below), if sent within the ad term

Advertisement in Events section includes the following: 
• Posting in the section 
• Listing in weekly update in Facebook pages associated with this website (see below) 
• Announcing in the next e-mail Bulletin (see below), if sent before the event

On Facebook, three pages are associated with this website:  
Publisher's page with almost two thousand Russian-speaking friends in S. California,  
ROSTOC.us Updates group page with almost two thousand members,  
ROSTOC.us page with a half-a-thousand "likes"
(and all these numbers are growing). 

Weekly updates of new events, services, education, and ads
are posted in these Facebook pages associated with this website. 

The compact e-Bulletin of upcoming events and newly added services, education and ads 
(see Recent Issue) has been e-mailed quarterly to a growing number of
Russian-speaking families in Southern California, including more than 
9 thousand in Los Angeles, 3 thousand in Orange County and 3 thousand in San Diego.

Brief contents of e-Bulletin are also posted in Facebook pages associated with this website. 

With a details page, advertisers can invite their grateful customers to write references (recommendation notes) for them. Positive references will be displayed on their details page
(see references-examples) after being checked by the editor and the advertiser. 


  Effectiveness                                                                                                                        top  

This website is  viewed about four thousand times a month,   
by about three thousand different visitors, and the number is growing (see Statistics page).

In the Web search with Google, Yahoo, MS Bing search engines, this website comes up 
among top five listings with any relevant search phrase (see Searchability page). 


  Disclaimer                                                                                                                               top  

As the advertising information on this website is provided and approved by the advertisers, 
the publisher of this website is not responsible for any inaccuracy that may remain 
in such information posted on this website. 

While the publisher of this website makes all effort to bring this advertising information 
to the proper audience, the publisher is not responsible for the conduct of the viewers 
in their use of the advertising information placed on this website. 


  Payment options                                                                                                                    top  

Payments for advertisement on this website can be made by any of the following ways:

1) with a check by mail to the address in emailed invoice (see Contact info above) 

2) with a credit or debit card  by phone (see Contact info above) 

3) (preferred) with credit or debit card (or PayPal account, if you have it)  
by using "Pay Now" button below, after selecting your amount in drop-down menu:


Select your amount (click amount field, then click your amount line in appearing menu)
In PayPal webpage that opens, type your business name under "Description" on top left and
use form under "Don't have a PayPal account" or click "Pay with a debit or credit card" on lower right 
(or log in under "Pay with my PayPal account" if you have it and want to pay with it). 


  Referral Rewards                                                                                                            top  

Any current advertiser on this website who refers 
another Russian-speaking business in Southern California 

for advertisement on this website in Services or Education 
will receive $30 credit for his/her continuing advertisement, 
as soon as the advertisement of that referred business starts, 
if the referred business contacts
this website for advertisement. 

The referred advertiser will receive $15 credit for the second term 
of their advertisement on this website, if they tell who referred them 
when they contact this website's publisher for advertisement. 




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