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            Teaching in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Inland Empire

Russian Language Lessons,  Tatyana Minina,  Irvine OC - see


October 1, 2017

February 1, 2017


Chess School,  "64 Square",  San Diego   [cancel Fall, 2016]


January 1, 2017

June 1, 2016


Russian Literacy Courses for High-Schoolers,  UCLA,  Los Angeles  [cancel Fall, 2016]


May 1, 2016

April 1, 2016


Russian Art & Craft Lessons,  Marianna Gorelova,  San Diego SD - see

Acting Classes,  "Stanislavski Studio LA",  Hollywood  [cancel Dec, 2016]

Russian Summer Camp for Children,  Big Bear Lake  [cancel Fall, 2016]


March 1, 2016

August 1, 2015


Piano Lessons,  Lana Ber,  Irvine, Lake Forest  [cancel Jan, 2016]


July 1, 2015

June 1, 2015


Russian Summer Camp for Children,  Big Bear Lake  [cancel Fall, 2015]


May 1, 2015

April 1, 2015


Piano Lessons,  Sergey Chipenko,  Los Angeles  [cancel Dec, 2016]

Saxophone Lessons,  Yakov Nakhmanovich,  Los Angeles  [cancel Dec, 2016]


March 1, 2015

June 1, 2014


Art Lessons,  Anna Sobko,  San Diego  [cancel Oct, 2015]

Russian Language Learning Center, "Vunder Kid", Laguna Hills, San Diego OC SD - see

Summer Russian Language Camp  at UCLA,  Los Angeles [cancel Fall, 2014]


May 1, 2014


Russian Jewish Summer Camp for Kids, "GesheЯ", Glendale [cancel Fall, 2014]

Russian Summer Camp for Children, Big Bear Lake [cancel Fall, 2014]


April 1, 2014

November 1, 2013


Preschool, "Grandma's House" Child Care, Encino, Reseda,Van Nuys [cancel May, 2014]

Preschool Program at "Squirrel" Child Care, Van Nuys  [cancel Oct, 2015]


October 1, 2013 


Preschool Education Program, "Redwood Little School", Irvine [cancel May, 2014]


September 1, 2013 


Rhythmic Gymnastics, "Kristall Gymnastics Studio", Mission Viejo [cancel May, 2014]

Russian Language Classes, "Kazakova Russian School", Valley Village [cancel Feb, 2014]


August 1, 2013 

July 1, 2013


Russian School on Weekends & Camp, "Na Tarzanke", Tarzana, Van Nuys LA - see

Russian Literacy Courses for High-Schoolers,  UCLA,  Los Angeles [cancel Aug, 2013]


June 1, 2013 


Teacher of English Language,  Nadia Adickes,  Dana Point  [cancel Oct, 2015]

Voice Teacher,  Juliana Polanskaya,  Los Angeles  [cancel Nov, 2013]


May 1, 2013 

April 1, 2013


Russian Summer Camp for Children, Big Bear Lake  [cancel Aug, 2013]

Russian Language Lessons  at St. Barbara Church, Lake Forest OC - see


March 1, 2013 


Art Teacher,  Natalia,  Mission Viejo  [cancel Oct, 2015]

Cello Lessons,  Feliks Volozhanin,  Irvine & Fullerton  [cancel Jun, 2013]


February 1, 2013 

December 1, 2012


Preschool Program  at "Wonderland" Child Care,  Granada Hills  [cancel Oct, 2015]

Meditation Classes, "Step by Step", Irvine  [cancel Jun, 2013]

Russian & French Language Lessons,  Elena Tikhonova,  Misson Viejo OC - see


November 1, 2012 

October 1, 2012


Russian Language Classes,  Galina,  Carlsbad  [cancel Apr, 2013]

After-school Enrichment Program, "Little Stars", North Hollywood [cancel Oct, 2013]


September 1, 2012 


After-school Program, "Valley Educational Center", Van Nuys  [cancel Mar, 2013]

Program in Russian for Kids  at Congregation Beth Meier,  Studio City [cancel Feb, 2013]


August 1, 2012 

July 1, 2012


Russian Language Lessons,  Natalya Abarbanel,  Chatsworth [cancel Dec, 2012]

Russian Summer Camp for Children, "Na Tarzanke", Tarzana   [cancel Apr, 2013]


June 1, 2012 

May 1, 2012


Russian Summer Camp for Children, Big Bear Lake  [cancel Jul, 2012]

After-school Math Program, "Russian School of Mathematics", Irvine  [cancel Jun, 2013]


April 1, 2012 

March 1, 2012


Belly-Dance Fitness,  Tamara Eristavi,  Irvine  [cancel Fall, 2016] 


February 1, 2012 

January 1, 2012


Karate Lessons for Kids,  Ariel Mastov,  West Hills  [cancel Jul, 2012]

After School Program, "Ariel and Friends", West Hills  [cancel Jul, 2012]


December 1, 2011


Russian Saturday School "Russian Kids Club", San Pedro LA OC - details

Preschool Program, "Merry Hive", Costa Mesa OC - see


November, 2011 

September, 2011 


Russian Language Lessons,  Svetlana Sidyelnikova,  Los Angeles  [cancel Mar, 2012]

Russian Saturday School, "Na Tarzanke", Tarzana LA - see (renewed)


August 1, 2011


Russian Language Teacher,  Yulia Samburskaya,  Orange  [cancel Jun, 2013]

Preschool Program at "Mulholland Day Care",  Woodland Hills [cancel Jan, 2012]


July 1, 2011


Summer Camp for Children, "Na Tarzanke", Tarzana  [cancel Sep, 2011]


June 1, 2011


Russian Literacy Courses for High-Schoolers,  UCLA,  Los Angeles [cancel Sep, 2011]

Spiritual Balance Program, "Milky Way", Irvine, L.A., San Diego [cancel Oct, 2011]

May 1, 2011


Russian Kids Summer Camp, Big Bear Lake  [cancel Sep, 2011]

Russian Language & Culture Courses at Community College, Riverside I.E - see


April 1, 2011

December 1, 2010


Preschool, "West Hollywood Children's Academy", W. Hollywood [cancel May, 2014]

Argentine Tango Lessons, "Tango Caminito Dance School", San Diego [cancel May, 2011]


November 1, 2010

October 1, 2010


Art Lessons - Painting, Drawing, History,  Anna Sobko,  San Diego [cancel Dec, 2012]
                                                                  (formerly Studio "Palette")

September 1, 2010


Kids Creativity Club, "A Brush of Art", Lake Forest & Torrance [cancel Mar, 2011]


August 1, 2010


Guitar Lessons,  Oleg Ivanov,  Los Angeles [cancel May, 2011]


July 1, 2010


Figure Skating Coach,  Faye (Faina) Kitariev,  Anaheim  [cancel July, 2011]


June 1, 2010


Russian Language Lessons,  Svetlana Sidyelnikova,  Los Angeles [cancel Feb, 2011]

Russian Literacy Course for High-Schoolers,  UCLA,  Los Angeles [cancel Jan, 2011]


May 1, 2010


"Royal Basketball School", West Hills & Manhattan Beach  [cancel Nov, 2012]

Preschool Classes at "Matryoshka" Child Care,  Tarzana  [cancel Oct, 2011]

Piano Lessons,  Elizaveta,  Los Angeles  [cancel Nov, 2012]


April 1, 2010


Rhythmic Gymnastics Program, "EuroGymnastics", Irvine & Anaheim  [cancel Apr, 2013]


March 1, 2010


Acting School,  Hollywood Academy of Theatre Arts & Film,  L.A. [cancel Jun, 2010]

Russian Language Lessons,  Tatyana,  N. San Diego  [cancel Oct, 2011] 


February 1, 2010

January 1, 2010


Piano, Voice, Guitar Lessons,  Nona Khanagova,  La Palma OC - see

Piano Lessons,  Marina Indich,  Huntington Beach  [cancel Jun, 2010]


December 1, 2009 


Winter & Summer Camp for Kids, "Treasure Island", Los Angeles LA - see

Russian School at Church of Protection of Holy Virgin, Los Angeles LA - see

Russian Sunday Classes for Kids,  Los Angeles /S.F. Valley   [cancel Nov, 2010]

Russian and English Language Lessons,  Olga,  N. San Diego  [cancel May,2010]   

Math Tutor,  Svetlana,  Del Mar [cancel Dec, 2012]


November 1, 2009 


English Language Lessons,  Zara,  Los Angeles & S.F. Valley  [cancel Apr, 2010]   

Piano Teacher,  Anaida Grigorian,  Irvine  [cancel Jan, 2011]

Painting & Drawing Classes,  Inna Bulatova,  Orange County  [cancel Feb, 2013]

Russian Language Program at University of California, San Diego SD - see


October 1, 2009 


Hollywood Academy of Gymnastics & Dance,  Los Angeles, Van Nuys [cancel Jun, 2010]

Ballet School, "V and T Dance", Laguna Hills OC - see 


September 1, 2009 


Courses for Parents,  Irine Schweitzer,  Los Angeles   [cancel Nov, 2010] 


August 1, 2009 


Chemistry Tutor,  Eleonora,  West Hollywood (renewed)  [cancel Mar, 2010]   

Preschool Program at "Blue Bird" Child Care, Sherman Oaks [cancel Feb, 2010]


July 1, 2009 


Children's Music School, "Happy Notes", West Hollywood  [cancel Mar, 2015]

Russian Literacy Course for High-School Students, UC Los Angeles  [cancel Sep, 2009]


June 1, 2009 


Russian Saturday School, "Na Tarzanke", Tarzana  [cancel Jun, 2011]

Preschool Classes at "Sunrise" Child Care,  Northridge  [cancel Dec, 2009] 


May 1, 2009 


Russian Language Lessons at St. Nicholas Church, San Diego SD - see


April 1, 2009 


Russian Sunday School at St. Nicholas Church,  San Diego SD - see 

Russian Language Courses at Grossmont College,  El Cajon SD - see

Drawing & Painting Classes, "Angelina Studio", West Hollywood [cancel May, 2014]


March 1, 2009 


Chess Lessons, "American Chess Academy", Los Angeles [cancel Sep,2009] 

Piano Lessons,  Margarita Aroushanian,  Tustin  [cancel July, 2009] 


February 1, 2009 


Ice Skating Classes, "Iceland Ice Skating Rink", Van Nuys [cancel Jan, 2016]

Classes of English at L.A. Public Library,  Los Angeles LA - see


January 1, 2009 


Russian Art & Craft Lessons,  Marianna Gorelova,  San Diego [cancel Feb, 2014]

Piano Lessons,  Anna Mendoza,  Mission Viejo  [cancel July, 2009] 


December 1, 2008 


Ballroom Dance Studio,  "OC Dancing", Newport Beach [cancel Jan, 2011]

Russian School at H. Transfig. Orthodox Church,  Los Angeles LA - see

Guitar Lessons,  Nikola Chekardzhikov,  Fullerton  [cancel July, 2009] 

Preschool Classes at "Nargiza" Child Care,  Tarzana  [cancel Jun, 2009] 


November 1, 2008 


Piano and Voice Lessons,  Olga Johnson,  Orange OC - see 

Intensive Courses of English,  Emma,  Woodland Hills  [cancel Jun, 2009] 

Math Tutor,  Valentina Robinson,  Redondo Beach  [cancel Nov, 2012]

Preschool Program at "Kalinka" Child Care, N. Hollywood /Valley Village LA - see 


October 1, 2008 


Math Tutor,  Solomon Peysakhov,  San Diego  [cancel Jan, 2009] 

Chemistry Tutor,  Eleonora,  West Hollywood  [cancel March, 2009] 

First Wedding Dance Lessons,  Anatoly Sisman,  San Diego  [cancel March, 2009] 


September 1, 2008 


Russian School of San Diego SD - see 

Preschool Program at "Happy Notes" Child Care, West Hollywood LA - see 


August 1, 2008 


Violin Lessons,  Dmitriy Khanukayev,  Irvine  [cancel Nov, 2010] 

Piano Lessons,  Valentina Swearingen,  Irvine  [cancel Nov, 2010] 

Math & Science Teacher,  Nana Dekanosidze,  Westwood  [cancel Jan, 2009] 

Preschool Program at "Korablik" Child Care, Woodland Hills LA - see 


July 1, 2008 


Piano and Voice Lessons,  Lana Markman,  San Diego SD - see 


June 1, 2008 


Guitar Lessons,  Andrey Chuguyev,  San Diego SD - see 

Piano Lessons,  Irina Bessonova,  San Diego SD - see


May 1, 2008 


Piano Lessons,  Elizaveta,  Los Angeles  [cancel Feb, 2009] 

Russian Language Immersion Program at Calif. State Univ., Northridge LA - see

Summer Intensive at M.Daukayev Ballet School,  Los Angeles  [cancel Nov, 2010]

Piano Instruction,  Tatyana Munson,  San Diego  [cancel Dec, 2008] 


April 1, 2008 


Preschool Education Program at "Northridge Day Care", Northridge LA - details


March 1, 2008

February 1, 2008


Driving School, "Northridge Driving and Traffic School", Northridge  [cancel Jan, 2009]


January 1, 2008


Russian Language Program at Univ. of South. California, Los Angeles LA - see


December 1, 2007


Ballet School, "Southland Ballet Academy", Fountain Valley  [cancel Nov, 2008]

Preschool Group at Russian School "Karandash",  Irvine [cancel Dec, 2015]


November 1, 2007


Russian Saturday School, "Na Tarzanke", Tarzana  [cancel Oct, 2008

Piano Lessons for Children,  Vera Makoveeva,  Yorba Linda  [cancel Nov, 2008

Math and Chemistry Tutor,  Igor S.,  Los Angeles LA - see 


October 1, 2007


L.A. School of Gymnastics,  Los Angeles & Culver City  [cancel Jan, 2011]


September 1, 2007


Russian Program at San Diego State University SD - see

Dance Classes, "Ballroom Dance Academy", Los Angeles  [cancel Nov, 2010]


August 1, 2007


Spiritual Balance Program, "Milky Way", Irvine /Los Angeles  [cancel Nov, 2007] 

Russian Program at University of California, Riverside  I.E - see


July 1, 2007


Tango Dance Classes,  Vladimir Estrin,  Beverly Hills [cancel Dec, 2016]

Russian Summer School / Camp, "Treasure Island", Hollywood  [cancel Oct, 2007]

Russian Program at Pomona College, Claremont  I.E - see


June 1, 2007

 May 1, 2007


Music Lessons,  Ashot Hayrapetyan,  Los Angeles /Orange County  [cancel Nov, 2007] 

Voice Instructor,  Razmik Papikian,  Long Beach / Fountain Valley  [cancel Jan, 2011] 


April 1, 2007   

October 1, 2006


Hockey Lessons,  Dmitriy Zharov,  Westminster  [cancel Oct, 2007] 


September 1, 2006


Piano and Flute Lessons,  Anna Howley,  Rancho Santa Margarita [cancel Mar, 2010] 

Piano Teacher & Concertmaster,  Irina Fennessy,  Aliso Viejo [cancel Apr, 2007] 


August 1, 2006


Russian Language Program at Univ. of Calif. Los Angeles LA - see


July 1, 2006 


Driving School, "First International", LA / OC [cancel Apr, 2007] 

Music and Dance School, "Allegro Arts Center", Fountain Valley [cancel Oct, 2007] 

Russian Traditional Art Seminars,  G.DeBrekht Studios,  Irvine [cancel Dec, 2008] 


June 1, 2006 


Tutor in Chemistry and Math,  Yelena Hunt,  Laguna Hills [cancel Oct, 2006] 


May 1, 2006 


Classes of English and Russian, Cal. Engl. Lang. Center, Lake Forest [cancel Mar, 2008]

Teacher of Math and Physics,  Vladimir Goren,  Irvine OC - details 


April 1, 2006 

March 1, 2006 


Piano Teacher,  Larisa Kakossian,  Garden Grove  [cancel Sep, 2006] 


February 1, 2006 

December 1, 2005 


Ceramics Teacher,  Irina Zavala,  Newport Beach  [cancel Oct, 2006] 


November 1, 2005 


Piano Teacher,  Natasha Gubenko,  Irvine  [cancel Sep, 2006] 


October 1, 2005 


Piano Performance Teacher  Leonid Levitsky,  Aliso Viejo   [cancel Mar, 2016]

Piano Teacher,  Yelena Troitsky,  Laguna Hills  [cancel Apr, 2006] 


September 1, 2005 


Russian Program at California State University, Long Beach LA - see


July 1, 2005 


Art School, "ArtCool", Dana Point  [cancel Oct, 2005] 


Preschool Child Development, "Russian Mommy & Me", Irvine OC - details 

Teacher of Russian & Ukrainian Languages,  Victor Voronel,  Tustin [cancel Oct, 2013]


June 1, 2005 


Russian Studies Program at the Univ. of Calif. Irvine OC - see

Russian School of Orange County,  Newport Beach OC - see 

Russian School "Karandash" at UCI,  Irvine [cancel Dec, 2015]


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