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Realtor,  Elena Akinshina,  Los Angeles LA - see


April 1, 2019


Lawyer / Attorney,  Angela Schmidt,  Orange OC LA SD I.E - details


March 1, 2019
May 1, 2018


Walk-in Medical Clinic,  "Xpress Urgent Care",  Tustin [cancel Jul,2018]

Real Estate Broker,  Raisa Kirichenko,  San Diego SD - see


April 1, 2018
January 1, 2018


Lawyer / Attorney,  Maria Taylor,  San Diego [cancel Jul,2018]

Lawyers / Attorneys,  Western Pacific Law Group,  Tustin [cancel Jul,2018]


December 1, 2017
October 1, 2017


Notary of Calif., Attorney of Russia, Victor Mikhaylov, Laguna Hills  [cancel Jul,2018]

Realtor,  Peter Barshtak,  Irvine [cancel Jul,2018]


September 1, 2017
June 1, 2017


Realtor,  Andrey Geydebrekhov,  Huntington Beach OC - details 


May 1, 2017
April 1, 2017


Beauty Photography,  Stacy D,  Newport Beach [cancel Jan,2018]


March 1, 2017


Psychotherapy,  Yelena Kashtuyeva, MFT,  Tustin [cancel Fall,2017]


February 1, 2017 

June 1, 2016


Lawyer / Attorney,  Susanna Dvortsin,  Irvine [cancel Jul,2018]

Psychotherapy & Hypnosis,  Lana Samples,  Beverly Hills [cancel Fall,2016]

Doctor - Cardiology,  Jane (Yana) Kauffman,  West Hollywood [cancel Fall,2016]


May 1, 2016


Employment Lawyer,  Maya Serkova,  Orange OC LA SD - details

Interior & Exterior Design,  Miroslav Mikhailiuk,  Los Angeles [cancel Dec,2016]


April 1, 2016


Banquet Hall, Restaurant, Catering, "Nairi", Los Angeles [cancel Fall,2016]


March 1, 2016


Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy,  Ella Begelfor,  Woodland Hills [cancel Oct,2016]

Mortgage Broker,  Efim Zakharin,  Encino [cancel Oct,2016]

Massage Therapy,  Natasha,  Fountain Valley [cancel Dec,2016]


February 1, 2016


Lawyer / Attorney,  Alena Klimianok,  Los Angeles [cancel Oct,2016]

Realtor,  Laura Roytman,  Irvine [cancel Fall,2016]

Retirement Planning Advisor,  Olga Schopfer,  Anaheim [cancel Dec,2016]


January 1, 2016 

October 1, 2015


Magician & Clown,  Stoil and Kate,  Los Angeles [cancel Apr,2016]


September 1, 2015 

August 1, 2015


Lawyer / Attorney,  Inna Demin,  Los Angeles [cancel Sep, 2017]


July 1, 2015 

May 1, 2015


Real Estate Broker,  Raisa Kirichenko,  San Diego [cancel Fall,2016]


April 1, 2015 

Funeral Pre-Planning Advisor,  Ben Ketslakh,  Newport Beach [cancel Apr, 2016]

Dentist,  Lile Bunar, DDS,  Rancho Santa Margarita [cancel Fall,2016]


March 1, 2015 

October 1, 2014


Music for Celebrations,  Vladimir Malchik,  Los Angeles  [cancel Oct, 2015]


September 1, 2014 

June 1, 2014


Realtor,  Lena Freeh,  Long Beach  [cancel Oct, 2015]

Drapery Design, "Home Textile Studio" - Ina G., Los Angeles  [cancel Oct, 2015]


May 1, 2014


Funeral Advanced Planning,  Venyamin Ketslakh,  Costa Mesa [cancel Nov, 2014]


April 1, 2014 

February 1, 2014


Income Tax Services,  James Daloisio,  Santa Barbara (was in Riverside) [cancel Sep, 2017]


January 1, 2014


Magician & Clown,  Stoil and Kate,  Los Angeles  [cancel Oct, 2014]


December 1, 2013 

November 1, 2013


Family Child Care, "Grandma's House", Encino, Reseda,Van Nuys [cancel May, 2014]

Family Child Care, "Squirrel", Van Nuys  [cancel Oct, 2015]


October 1, 2013


Child Care, "Redwood Little School", Irvine [cancel May, 2014]


September 1, 2013 

August 1, 2013


Lawyer / Attorney,  Valentina Matiji,  Los Angeles LA OC - see  


July 1, 2013 


Travel Agency, "ACE Travel", Santa Monica [cancel Feb, 2014] 


June 1, 2013 


High-Yield Property Investment, "Cambridge Cos.", Las Vegas, Irvine [cancel Nov, 2013]

In-Home Phys. Therapy /Nurse Care, "Human Touch", Manhattan Beach  [cancel Oct, 2015]

Music Band for Parties, "Gen Nady & Future Sound", Los Angeles [cancel Nov, 2013]

Mobile Notary Services, James & Valentyna, Santa Barbara  [cancel Sep, 2017]


May 1, 2013 

April 1, 2013


Home Repairs & Remodeling,  Vladimir Gorshkov,  Irvine [cancel May, 2014]

Catering & Event Planning, "Art of the Party", Fountain Valley [cancel May, 2014]

Magician & Clown,  Stoil and Kate,  Los Angeles [cancel Oct, 2013]


March 1, 2013


Lawyer / Attorney  Alina Sorkin,  Irvine  [cancel Oct, 2014]


February 1, 2013 

January 1, 2013 


Car Sales and Rental, "Deals on Wheels", Sun Valley [cancel Aug, 2013]


December 1, 2012 


Russian Restaurant & Catering, "Randevuz", Van Nuys [cancel Jun, 2013]

Child Care, "Wonderland", Granada Hills  [cancel Oct, 2015]

Notary Public,  Elza Gousseva-Nezlin,  Anaheim /On-call  [cancel Jul,2018]


November 1, 2012  


Real Estate Agency, "InvestorsAlly Realty", Newport Beach [cancel Apr, 2013]


October 1, 2012  


Psychotherapy, Yelena Kashtuyeva,  Laguna Hills [cancel Apr, 2013]

Watches & Jewelry Store, "Pacific Bay Watch", Newport Beach /Online [cancel Apr, 2013]


September 1, 2012  


Disc Jockey / Master of Ceremony,  Mikael Oganes,  Los Angeles  [cancel Feb, 2013]

Insurance & Financial Services,  Mo Mahoney Agency,  San Diego   [cancel Mar, 2013]


August 1, 2012  


Website Design & Programming, "Webstrim Design", Monterey  [cancel Mar, 2013]


July 1, 2012  


Lawyer / Attorney,  Natasha Mogley,  Torrance  [cancel Jan, 2013]

Russian Banquet Hosting, "Chef Ilya", Irvine  [cancel Dec, 2012]

Russian Internet TV, "Moe TV", S. California  [cancel Jan, 2013]

Russian Internet Radio, "Radio Moy Gorod", Los Angeles [cancel November, 2014]

Illustrated Magazine, "Orientir", Los Angeles [cancel November, 2014]

Real Estate Broker,  Yulia Spiridonova,  Irvine  [cancel Jan, 2013]


June 1, 2012 


Funeral Advanced Planning,  Venyamin Ketslakh,  Costa Mesa [cancel Jun, 2013]

Russian Catering, "Russian Doll Catering", Riverside  [cancel Nov, 2012]


May 1, 2012 


Sensual Beauty Photography, "Miss Vanity", Anaheim  [cancel Nov, 2012]

Russian Food Store /Warehouse, "Eurodelica", Irvine [cancel Apr, 2013]


April 1, 2012 

March 1, 2012 


Certified Translator & Interpreter,  Anna Petlevaya,  Los Angeles  [cancel Sep, 2012]

Moving Company, "Pro-Movers", Orange County / Los Angeles  [cancel Sep, 2012]

Insurance Agent,  Alla Juk,  Costa Mesa  [cancel Sep, 2012]


February 1, 2012 


Russian Web Radio, "Volna FM", S. California  [cancel Aug, 2012]

Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine,  Anna Krasheninnikova,  Encinitas  [cancel Jul, 2012]

Russian Catering & Cakes, "Galina's Kitchen", Irvine / Long Beach [cancel Jul, 2012]


January 1, 2012 

December 1, 2011 


Hair Design  by Inna,  West Hollywood  [cancel Nov, 2012]

Child Care, "Merry Hive", Costa Mesa OC - see

Photography,  AP2Studio - Anastasiya & Aleks Polovin,  Irvine  [cancel May, 2012]


November 1, 2011 

October 1, 2011 


Speech Therapy for Children, Svetlana Sidyelnikova, Los Angeles  [cancel Mar, 2012] 

Ladies' Handbag Store,  "Bravo Handbags",  Online  [cancel Mar, 2012]

Dentist, Inna Bosh - "New Image Dentistry & Implants", Santa Ana [cancel Jul,2018]                                               


September 1, 2011 

August 1, 2011 


Child Care, "Mulholland Day Care", Woodland Hills  [cancel Jan, 2012]


July 1, 2011 


European Skin Care  by Anna, Costa Mesa / Newport Beach  [cancel Dec, 2011]

Doctor - Internal Medicine,  Abram Kostenboym,  West Hollywood  [cancel Dec, 2011]


June 1, 2011 


Office Interior Design, "Mindful Design Consulting", San Diego [cancel Jan, 2012]

Russian Restaurant / Catering, "Maxim", Los Angeles LA / OC SD I.E - details

Doctor - Podiatry (Foot /Ankle),  Gennady Kolodenker,  Irvine [cancel May, 2012]

Tour Guide,  Irina,  Los Angeles / South. California  [cancel Dec, 2011]

Hair Stylist,  Mila,  Newport Beach  [cancel Dec, 2011]

Computer Repair,  David,  Irvine [cancel Feb, 2014] 


May 1, 2011 


Magician & Clown for Parties,  Stoil and Kate,  Los Angeles [cancel Oct, 2012]

Day Care at "West Hollywood Children's Academy", W. Hollywood [cancel May, 2012]

Russian Restaurant, "Gambrinus", Redondo Beach [cancel Dec, 2012]

Home & Office Cleaning,  Ilmars Kankis,  Costa Mesa [cancel Dec, 2011]

Home Plants Care,  Laura,  Costa Mesa [cancel Dec, 2011]


April 1, 2011 


Accounting & Taxes, "Kaya Tax & Bookkeeping Services", Irvine [cancel Oct, 2011]


March 1, 2011 


Lawyer / Attorney,  Oksana Van Rooy,  Newport Beach & Los Angeles [cancel Feb, 2012]

Lawyers / Attorneys,  Olga Karasik and Terry Shaylin,  Los Angeles [cancel Sep, 2012]

Child Care, "Lena's Family", La Mirada (renewed) [cancel Dec, 2012]


February 1, 2011 


Accounting & Income Tax, "Mobile Accounting", Los Angeles  [cancel Jun, 2011]

Botox & Dermal Fillers,  Natalia Ryndin,  Mission Viejo  [cancel Dec, 2011]

Psychotherapy,  Svetlana Cole,  Orange  [cancel Jun, 2011]


January 1, 2011 


Skin Care - Esthetician,  Irina,  Costa Mesa  [cancel May, 2011]

Cafe & Catering, "Crepe Republic", Los Angeles  [cancel Jun, 2011]


December 1, 2010 


Certified Interpreters & Translators, "Slovo Service", Los Angeles  [cancel Nov, 2012]

Healthy Cookware "Saladmaster", Dealer Svetlana Molodova, Los Angeles [cancel Jun, 2011]


November 1, 2010 


Pharmacy & Medical Supply, "Balboa Pharmacy", San Diego [cancel Oct, 2012]

Liquid Multi-Vitamins,  Irina Stepanova,  Irvine / Online [cancel November, 2013]


October 1, 2010 


Flooring, Tile, Paint,  Vladimir,  Costa Mesa  [cancel Dec, 2011]


September 1, 2010 


Russian Food Store Online, "Deli To You", Los Angeles  [cancel Jun, 2011]

Architectural Design & Engineering,  Aleks Ravski,  Irvine  [cancel Jun, 2011]

Real Estate Services, "SW Tax Services",  Laguna Niguel  [cancel Jun, 2011]


August 1, 2010 


Autos & Cargo Shipping, "General Container Line", Los Angeles   [cancel Oct, 2014]

Travel Agency, "ADI Travel", San Diego  [cancel May, 2011]

Brazilian Hair Straightening,  Ella,  West Hollywood  [cancel Feb, 2011]

Drapery Design & Installation, "Dream Drapery", Los Angeles  [cancel Jan, 2011]

Russian Food Warehouse, "Food Baza", Costa Mesa [cancel Apr, 2013]


July 1, 2010 


Lawyer / Attorney,  Maria Primushko,  Van Nuys [cancel May, 2012]

Beauty Salon, "Hair Studio", West Hollywood [cancel November, 2012]


June 1, 2010 


Speech Therapy for Children,  Svetlana Sidyelnikova,  Los Angeles  [cancel Feb, 2011]

Insurance Broker,  Inna Shline,  Costa Mesa OC LA SD I.E - see  (renewed)

Manicure & Pedicure,  Alla,  Costa Mesa  [cancel Feb, 2011]


May 1, 2010 


Shuttle Van & Limo Service, "Lotus Transportation Group", Irvine [cancel Apr, 2016]

Watches and Jewelry - Repair & Sales, "Rush Hour", Los Angeles  [cancel Jan, 2016]

Insurance Agency, "Always Open", San Diego  [cancel Aug, 2010]

Therapeutic Massage,  Viktoria,  Irvine OC - see


April 1, 2010 


Spiritual Healer,  Liliana,  Lake Forest  [cancel Mar, 2012] 

Home Child Care, "Matryoshka", Tarzana  [cancel Dec, 2011]

Notary,  Angelika Kacik,  Newport Beach OC - see

Computer Repair, "Vaila Comp", Irvine  [cancel Apr, 2010]


March 1, 2010 


Food Store / Deli / Catering, "Russian Gourmet", Lake Forest  [cancel Nov, 2010] 

Photography,  Vadym Vasylenko,  Irvine / Los Angeles  [cancel Dec, 2011]

Psychotherapy Doctor,  Marina Biallo-Dery,  Irvine  [cancel Jul, 2011]


February 1, 2010 


Russian Restaurant, Cafe, Catering, "Troyka", Los Angeles LA - see

Musician for Banquets,  Leo Chelyapov,  Los Angeles LA OC SD - see


January 1, 2010 


Doctor - Physical Medicine,  Vladimir Kaye,  Fullerton OC - details  (renewed) 

Realtor,  Irina Shoket,  Ventura County & San Fernando Valley   [cancel Nov, 2010] 

Dentist,  Oksana Bublik,  Mission Viejo [cancel Nov, 2010] 


December 1, 2009 


Women's Clothing Store, "Boutique Bizou", Encino  [cancel Sep, 2011]

Doctor - Optometry,  Svetlana Fisher,  West Hollywood   [cancel Nov, 2010] 


Insurance & Investment Services,  Sergey Golub,  Los Angeles  [cancel Aug, 2010]

Mailing Packages to Russia /FSU, "Mission Nazarianin", Irvine  [cancel Apr, 2010]


November 1, 2009


Doctor - Orthopedics,  Arkady Goldstein,  Tarzana [cancel Aug, 2010]

Translations - Russian-English, "SW Tax Services", Laguna Niguel [cancel Jun, 2011] 

Cash for Your Car & Auto Sale with Financing,  Pavel,  Los Angeles [cancel Mar, 2010]

Travel Agency, "Joy & Fun Travel", Los Angeles  [cancel Mar, 2010]

Realtor,  Alexander Gurevich,  Los Angeles & S.F. Valley  [cancel Dec, 2011]

Lawyer / Attorney,  Vladimir Parizher,  Los Angeles  [cancel Jul,2017]

Electrical Work,  SHS Electrical Co.,  Los Angeles & S.F. Valley  [cancel Jun, 2011]

R.E. Property Investment,  IVK Inc.,  Inland Empire  [cancel, 2011]

Mercedes-Benz Auto Sales & Leasing,  Alek Lekhtsikau,  Buena Park  [cancel Feb, 2010]

Computerized Health Diagnostics,  Milana Kovalenko,  San Marcos [cancel Apr, 2010]


October 1, 2009


Lawyer / Attorney - Bankruptcy,  Alik Segal,  Los Angeles [cancel Sep, 2011]

Movers, "Gold Moving Co", Los Angeles  (former ALG [cancel Aug, 2010]

Travel Agency, "ADI Travel", San Diego [cancel Apr, 2010]

Auto Repair & Sales, "ALSE Auto", San Diego [cancel Oct, 2012]

Lawyer / Attorney - Accidents,  Natasha Mogley,  Torrance [cancel Feb, 2010]

Air Condition and Heating, "Dependable Appliance", Orange Cnty [cancel Jan, 2011]

Doctor - Optometry,  Irina Andrushenko,  Encino [cancel Feb, 2010]

Travel Services, "Express International", Hollywood  [cancel Oct, 2015]


September 1, 2009


Doctor - Ophthalmology, Svetlana Pilyugina, Los Angeles & S.F. Valley [cancel Dec, 2010]

Glass & Mirror Installation, "Local Glass & Screen", Mission Viejo  [cancel Dec, 2011]


Psychotherapy,  Irine Schweitzer,  Sherman Oaks  [cancel Nov, 2010] 

Doctor - Optometry,  Gabriel Dery,  Irvine  [cancel Aug, 2010]

Realtor  Dmitri Stupachenko,  San Diego  [cancel Jan, 20 11]


August 1, 2009


Lawyer / Attorney,  Maria Primushko,  Van Nuys  [cancel Apr, 2010] 

Loan Modification,  Irina Elkin,  Encino  [cancel May, 2011]


Psychotherapy,  Lyubov Burgina,  Los Angeles & S.F. Valley  [cancel Feb, 2010]

Family Child Care, "Blue Bird", Sherman Oaks  [cancel Feb, 2010]

Real Estate Sales & Financing, "Elrom Realty", Los Angeles  [cancel Dec, 2009] 

Lawyer - Employment,  Tamara Freeze,  Irvine, Beverly Hills, San Diego [cancel Jul,2016]


July 1, 2009


Home Appliance Repair, "Gregory's Appliances", West Hollywood  [cancel Jun, 2011]

Notary - in-office /on-call,  Trdat Ohanian,  North Hollywood LA - see

Insurance Broker,  Inna Shline,  Costa Mesa  [cancel Dec, 2009]  


Russian Food Store,  Continental Deli "Tatiana",  West Hollywood LA - see 

Russian Book-Audio-Video Section at Public Library,  Tarzana LA - see


June 1, 2009


Insurance, Investment, Loans, Realtor,  Jack (Evgeny) Gelnak,  L.A. [cancel Mar, 2010] 

Notary - in-office /on-call,  Galina Shekhtman,  San Diego SD - see

Massage - Therapeutic & Sports,  Liliya,  Glendale  [cancel Apr, 2010]


Auto Sales & Leasing, "Global Auto Brokers", Los Angeles  [cancel Apr, 2010]

Home Interior Decoration,  Tanya Morrison,  Irvine  [cancel Mar, 2012] 

Newspaper, "EchoNewsWeek", Southern California  [cancel Dec, 2011]


May 1, 2009


Russian Food Store / Kitchen, "New York Deli", West Hollywood LA - see 

Travel Agency, "Irina Travel", Los Angeles  [cancel Oct, 2009] 

Skin Care,  Nana,  West Hollywood  [cancel Sep, 2011]

Child Care, "Sunrise", Northridge  [cancel Dec, 2009] 


April 1, 2009


Veterinary Clinic / Pet Pharmacy,  Alexander Taub,  Los Angeles  [cancel Apr, 2010]

Hair Stylist,  Lyudmila,  Irvine  [cancel August, 2009] 


Singer for Celebrations,  Boris Zhayvoronok,  Long Beach  [cancel Oct, 2015]

European Deli Market, "Kashtan", San Diego  [cancel Jan, 20 11]


March 1, 2009


Licensed Massage Therapist,  Aleksandr Krotov,  Los Angeles  [cancel Jun, 2010]

European Bistro & Bar, "Kashtan", San Diego  [cancel Jan, 20 11]


Food Store / Kitchen, "Babushka - Grandma's Deli", Valley Village LA - see 

Doctors - Gynecology / Obstetrics,  Ludmila Bess, Oleg Bess, Zoya Preys, 
                                                                                      Los Angeles
LA - details 


February 1, 2009


Dentist  Natalia Petrova,  San Marcos [cancel Fall,2016]

Russian Book-Audio-Video Section at Public Libraries, Los Angeles LA - see


Doctor - Optometry,  Irina Andrushenko,  Encino  [cancel July, 2009]  

Loan Modification,  John Briggs & Larissa,  Newport Beach  [cancel July, 2009] 


January 1, 2009


Natural Skin Care, "Skin Symphony", Sherman Oaks LA - see

Music for Banquets & Parties,  Sasha Green,  Los Angeles LA OC SD - see 


Russian Restaurant / Catering, "Versal", Los Angeles  [cancel Oct, 2009] 

Musicians for All Occasions, "Rapsodia", San Diego SD OC LA - see


December 1, 2008


Doctor - Ophthalmology,  Katerina Kurteeva,  Newport & Long Beach  [cancel Feb, 2010]

Musicians for Parties, "DKVS Music", Irvine  [cancel Jun, 2009] 

Russian Food Store, "Mechta", West Hollywood LA - see 


Precision Industrial Tools,  KRAV Corp.,  Encino /OnLine  [cancel Jun, 2009] 

Accounting & Bookkeeping,  Irina Reznik,  Mission Viejo  [cancel Jun, 2009] 

Child Day Care, "Skazka", N. San Diego  [cancel Mar, 2010] 


Photography and Videography, "S.E.R. Photo", Los Angeles  [cancel Jan, 2011]

Showman for Parties,  Yasha Fayerman,  Los Angeles  [cancel Jun, 2009] 

Musicians for Banquets, "Bella Musica", Irvine  [cancel Mar, 2009] 


November 1, 2008


Dentists Valeriy Rubtsov & Olga Rubtsova, North Hollywood & Reseda City LA - details

Home Child Care, "Nargiza", Tarzana  [cancel Jun, 2009]  

Tour Guide,  Mikhail Barsky,  South. California OC LA SD - see 


Russian Restaurant, "Traktir", West Hollywood  [cancel Dec, 2012]

Russian Food Store, "Royal Gourmet", West Hollywood LA - see 


Plumbing & Water Heaters, "Plumbing 65", Los Angeles & S.F. Valley [cancel Dec, 2012]

Event Planning, Dina Gontar, "Cosmo Events LA", Los Angeles LA OC - see 


October 1, 2008


Child Day Care, "Kalinka", North Hollywood / Valley Village LA - see 

Travel Agency, "ADI Travel", San Diego  [cancel Apr, 2009] 


Granite & Marble Stone Work,  Edgar,  Los Angeles  [cancel Jun, 2009] 

Realtor  Alexander Ravski,  Irvine  [cancel Jun, 2010]

Realtor  Inna Lisker,  Orange County  [cancel Mar, 2009] 

Dentist  Anna Durkin,  San Marcos & Carlsbad  SD - see 


September 1, 2008


Child Care "Happy Notes", West Hollywood LA - see 

Auto Repair Shop, "The Auto Clinic", Irvine  [cancel Jun, 2010]

Tile & Stone Work, Kitchen Installation,  Aleksej,  San Diego  [cancel May, 2011]


Lawyer / Attorney,  Alina Sorkin,  Irvine   [cancel Mar, 2012] 

Website Design & Programming, "LIS Intnl Design", Irvine  [cancel Oct, 2009] 


August 1, 2008


Lingerie Store & Shop, "Sara's Lingerie Boutique", Encino, Studio City  [cancel Mar, 2013]

Custom Cabinets, "Finest Cabinetry", Los Angeles  [cancel Dec, 2012]

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, "Finest Cabinetry", Los Angeles  [cancel Feb, 2009] 


Stone & Tile Work,  Gary Avetisyan,  Los Angeles  [cancel Apr, 2010]

Food Store, "Odessa Grocery & Deli", West Hollywood  LA - see

Interior Design, "Mindful Design Consulting", San Diego  [cancel Jan, 2009] 


July 1, 2008


Child Care, "Korablik", Woodland Hills LA - see

Book-Music-Video Store, "St. Petersburg Ent.",  W. Hollywood [cancel Mar, 2010] 

In-Home Care Agency,  "Caring for People", San Diego  [cancel Jan, 2009] 


Realtor  Larysa Nesterenko,  Laguna Niguel  [cancel May, 2011]

Construction Company, "LitBel", Los Angeles  [cancel Dec, 2008] 

"Valentina's Child Care", Oceanside  [cancel Dec, 2008] 


June 1, 2008


Doctor - Family Medicine,  Tamara Kurmanalieva,  Irvine [cancel Aug, 2013]

Realtor  Tatyana Bychkov,  Los Angeles & S.F. Valley [cancel Jun, 2013]

Real Estate Loan Agent,  Tatyana Bychkov,  Los Angeles LA OC SD I.E - see


Travel Agency, "ARMKO Travel", Glendale  [cancel Dec, 2008] 

Electrical Work, Venceslav Lesikov, Tarzana  [cancel Mar, 2010]


Books / Music-Video Stores, "Kovcheg", Los Angeles & North Hollywood LA - see

Video-Book-Music Stores, "Melodia", West Hollywood & Encino  [cancel Jul, 2008] 

Russian Bookstore, "InterBook", West Hollywood LA - see 


European Deli Store, "Dvin Market", Reseda  LA - see 

Food Store, "Moscow Groceries", West Hollywood  LA - see 

Russian Bakery, "Stolichnaya Bakery", West Hollywood  [cancel Nov, 2008] 

Food Store / Kitchen, "Babushka - Grandma's Deli", Los Angeles LA - see 

European Deli / Catering, "Ariel - Sunset Market", Los Angeles LA - see 


May 1, 2008


Movers, "Zak's Moving Co", Los Angeles  [cancel Jun, 2010]

Russian Book-Music-Video Store, "Club 13th Chair", La Mesa SD - see


Movers, "ALG Moving Co", Los Angeles  [cancel May, 2009] 

Wood, Paint, Tile Work,  Arman G.,  Los Angeles  [cancel Jan, 2009] 


Lawyer / Attorney,  Janette (Yana) Freiberg / Notary,  Los Angeles  [cancel July, 2009] 

Child Care Center, "Northridge Day Care", Northridge [cancel July, 2017] 


April 1, 2008


Watches and Jewelry - Sales & Repair, "Rush Hour", Los Angeles  [cancel Dec, 2008] 

European Deli / Catering, "Taste of Ambrosia", Poway SD - see 


European Cafe / Catering, "House of Grind", Foothill Ranch  [cancel July, 2009] 

Computer Repair, Networks / Satellite TV, "DigiCo", Los Angeles  [cancel Jun, 2011]

Autos Repair & Sales, "ALSE Auto", San Diego  [cancel Oct, 2008]  


Russian Deli Store & Restaurant, "Kashtan", W. Hollywood LA - see

Russian Food Market / Deli / Bakery, "Rasputin", Encino LA - see

Russian Deli / Market, "Bazaar", Tarzana LA - see

Russian Restaurant / Catering, "Barin", Tarzana [cancel Jan, 2016]

Russian Bakery, "Golden Wheat", Los Angeles LA - see

Russian Deli Store / Catering, "Shalom", Los Angeles LA - see

European Deli Store / Catering, "Chenar", Valley Village LA - see

European Deli Store / Kitchen, "Tashkent", Valley Village LA - see


March 1, 2008


MonaVie Health Drink, Natalya Gilani,  OC / On-Line  [cancel Sep, 2008] 


Electrical Work, "ElbrusGE Electric", Los Angeles  [cancel Sep, 2008] 

Travel Agency, "Souvenir Travel", Los Angeles  [cancel Nov, 2012]


European Deli Store /Cafe /Catering, "Continent", La Jolla & E. San Diego SD - details

Restaurant /Deli Store /Catering, "Elijah's", La Jolla & Del Mar SD - see

Russian Food Store, "European Delicatessen", La Mesa  [cancel Jan, 20 11]

Fresh Fruit /Vegetable /Meat Markets in San Diego, Orange Cnty, L.A. SD OC LA - see


February 1, 2008


Insurance, "Always Open Insurance Agency", San Diego [cancel May, 2009] 

Child Care Center, "Lena's Family Child Care", La Mirada  [cancel Mar, 2010] 


Paralegal, Translation, Notary, Ganna Gudkova, Orange Cnty & L.A. [cancel May, 2008] 


January 1, 2008


Doctor - Ophthalmology,  Katerina Kurteeva,  Newport & Long Beach  [cancel Apr, 2008] 


Autos & Cargo Shipping, "A&A Intl. Shipping", Los Angeles  [cancel Dec, 2015] 


December 1, 2007


Realtor  Inna Lazarus,  San Diego  [cancel Aug, 2008] 


Psychotherapy,  Angelika Panova,  Tustin  [cancel Sep, 2011]

Website Development, "VR Design", Redondo Beach LA OC SD I.E - see 


November 1, 2007


Travel Services,  Marina Mosina,  Los Angeles / On-line  [cancel May, 2008] 

Realtor  Gary Rapoport,  Los Angeles & S.F. Valley LA - see


October 1, 2007


Lawyer  Alexander Markman,  San Diego SD OC - details 

Travel Services, "Express International", Hollywood [cancel Sep, 2008] 


Moving Supplies & Trucks Rental, "Irvine Box & Hitch", Irvine [cancel Sep, 2008] 

Remodeling & Furniture Center, "Bath & Kitchen Town", San Diego  [cancel Jan, 2009] 


September 1, 2007


House Cleaning, "Accurate Cleaning Service", Costa Mesa  [cancel Mar, 2008] 

Permanent Make-Up, Tatyana Kim,  Harbor City / Los Angeles  [cancel Feb, 2008] 


August 1, 2007


Realtor  Victor Mezhinsky,  Brea  [cancel Nov, 2007] 

Financial Consultant, Angelika Baze,  Carlsbad  [cancel Feb, 2008] 


Weight-Loss Diet Mix, Valeriy Konopelkin,  Orange / Online  [cancel Jan, 2008] 


July 1, 2007


Liquid Multi-Vitamins, Irina Stepanova,  Irvine / Online  [cancel Mar, 2010]

Accounting, Taxes, Business Consult., Notary, "APM SW", Laguna Niguel  OC - details
  [renamed "Suntech SW" in Jul. 2008, "SW Tax Services" in Nov. 2010, SCOR Tax in Nov. 2011]


Lawyer - Immigration,  Root Law Group,  Los Angeles & Irvine  [cancel Dec, 2007]


June 1, 2007


Healthy Chocolate Products, Rita Barenblit,  San Diego  [cancel Mar, 2008] 

"Travel Around The World" Agency - Lily Vorobyov,  Irvine  [cancel Oct, 2015] 


Shoe Store, "The Shoe Lab ", Huntington Beach  [cancel Oct, 2007] 

Assisted Living for Elderly, "Alex Loving Care", Garden Grove  [cancel Aug, 2010] 

Beauty Salon, "Aesthetics by Irina", Long Beach  [cancel Nov, 2007] 


May 1, 2007


Pharmacy Store, "Medicine Shoppe", Lake Forest  [cancel Jul, 2007] 

Accountant  Asya Marder, C.P.A.,  Los Angeles  [cancel Jan, 2008] 

Websites & Computer Support, "Lexan Solutions", Irvine  [cancel Jan, 2008] 


"European Skin Care by Anna" - Exclusive Salon,  Costa Mesa  [cancel Feb, 2008] 

Auto Leasing and Sales, "EZ Rent-a-Car", Costa Mesa  [cancel Feb, 2008]

Cosmetics & Perfume Store, "Beautive", Seal Beach / Online  [cancel Dec, 2007] 


April 1, 2007


Dentist  Michael Ayzin, D.D.S,  Costa Mesa [cancel Jun, 2013]


March 1, 2007


Doctor - Internal Medicine,  Eleanor Kelly,  Newport Beach  [cancel Oct, 2007] 


February 1, 2007 

December 1, 2006 


Esthetician  Irina,  Costa Mesa  [cancel Jun, 2007]


November 1, 2006 

October 1, 2006


Accountant  Vincent (Vyacheslav) Gorelik, CPA,  Los Angeles  [cancel Oct, 2006] 


Travel Services,  Svetlana Gorelova,  Aliso Viejo  [cancel Sept 2007]

Dentist  Dusanka Petkovic, D.D.S.,  San Clemente  [cancel Jun, 2010]


September 1, 2006


Handyman & Flooring,  Miroslav Blazevic,  Irvine OC - see 


Acupuncture,  Rita Zaides,  Irvine / Laguna Hills  [cancel Aug, 2010] 


August 1, 2006


Caregiver  Greta,  Huntington Beach  [cancel Apr, 2007] 

Loans for Real Estate,  Solutions Mortgage Group,  Orange  [cancel Oct, 2007] 


Hair Style & Make-Up,  Tatyana,  Aliso Viejo [update Sep, 2011

Magazine, "Afisha", So. California LA OC SD - see 


July 1, 2006 


Sofas / Beds - "Sapapa" Brand, "Aminach-USA", Sherman Oaks  [cancel Jun, 2007]

"Panorama" Media - Newspapers, Radio, TV,  California LA OC SD - details 

Skin Care,  Irina,  Torrance  [cancel Oct, 2006] 


Doctor - Family/Integrative Medicine,  Svetlana Stivi,  Newport Beach  [cancel May, 2007]

Auto Sales - Jaguar,  Ben Ketslakh,  Santa Ana  [cancel Apr, 2007] 


June 1, 2006 


Notary & Translation, "Vialan", Santa Ana  [cancel Oct, 2007] 


Insurance,  Wingood Agency,  Huntington Beach  [cancel Jan, 2008] 

Adult Day Health Care Center, "GetTogether", Torrance LA OC - details 

Caregiver  Katerina,  Central Orange County  [cancel Sep, 2006] 


May 1, 2006 


Kitchen and Bath  Remodeling Center, "NewForm", Irvine  [cancel Oct, 2007]  

Accounting & Taxes,  Elena Rozen,  Aliso Viejo  [cancel Sep, 2006] 


Food Preparation,  Katerina,  North Costa Mesa  [cancel Sep, 2006] 


April 1, 2006 


Babysitter  Katerina,  Central Orange County  [cancel Sep, 2006] 

Business Brokers, "Global Business Group", Costa Mesa  [cancel Mar, 2008] 

Doctor - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management,  Vladimir Kaye,
/ Fountain Valley  [cancel Dec, 2008]  


March 1, 2006 


European Deli Shop, "G&G Smoked Meat Market", Lake Forest  [cancel Sep, 2006] 

Realtor  Gocha Dzhananashvili,  Laguna Niguel  [cancel Apr, 2007] 


Realtor  Liliya Sag,  San Diego SD - details 

Magazine "Fact" - Subscription / Adverisement,  California LA OC SD - details 


February 1, 2006 


Realtor  Olesya Drozdova,  Mission Viejo  [cancel May, 2006]  


General Contractor, "SK Construction", Tustin  [cancel Aug, 2010]

Real Estate Appraiser,  Inna Mudd,  Costa Mesa  [cancel Apr, 2007]  


January 1, 2006 


Real Estate Loans,  SA Financial Corp.,  Costa Mesa  [cancel Apr, 2007]


December 1, 2005 


Czech Crystal Lighting, "Bohemia Crystal Imports", San Clemente OC LA SD - details

Clothing Store and Shop, "Knitwear Doctor", Costa Mesa OC LA SD I.E - details 

Home Child Care, "Great Start", Mission Viejo  [cancel Jan, 2011]


November 1, 2005 


Accountant  Liza Buehrer,  CPA,  Lake Forest  [cancel Apr, 2006] 

Hardwood Flooring,  Konstantin Stankevich,  Lake Forest  [cancel Oct, 2006] 


October 1, 2005 


Auto Sales - SAAB of OC,  Alex Lekhtsikau  [cancel Mar, 2006] 

Hairdresser  Lidia,  Mission Viejo  [cancel Oct, 2006] 


Therapeutic Massage,  Natalia,  Irvine / Tustin  [cancel Mar, 2006] 

Lawyer David D. Murray, Immigration & Business Law, Newport Beach [cancel Jun, 07]


September 1, 2005 


Lawyer / Attorney - Immigration,  Svetlana Boukhny,  Laguna Niguel OC LA - details 


Realtor  Albina Mendel,  Mission Viejo  [cancel Apr, 2007] 

Solar Lights and Venting, "Nile Natural Lighting", Costa Mesa  [cancel Dec, 2006] 


August 1, 2005 


Translation, Notary, Documents,  Cal.Engl.Lang.Ctr,  Lake Forest  [cancel Mar, 2008]

Hair Cut, Color, and Extension,  Nina,  Huntington Beach  [cancel May, 2007] 


July 15, 2005 


Computer Services, "Inifix", Irvine  [cancel Oct, 2005] 

Technology for Vacuum Coatings,  VECOR,  Irvine  [cancel Jun, 2008] 

Travel Services, "TraveLuxe", Costa Mesa  [cancel Dec, 2005] 

Hair Designer,  Galina,  University Park Center,  Irvine OC - details

Children's Clothing Store, "Chic Kids", Irvine  [cancel Sep, 2005] 


July 1, 2005 


Russian Food Store, "Moscow Deli", Costa Mesa OC - details 

Auto Body Shop, "Southern Auto Body", Costa Mesa  [cancel Aug, 2008]  

Handyman  Alex Semenov,  Laguna Hills  [cancel Sep, 2006]  

Realtor  Tanya Itskovich,  Irvine  [cancel Oct, 2015]


June 15, 2005 


Hardwood Flooring,  South Coast Distributors,  Tustin  [cancel Apr, 2008]

Home Appliances, "Global Appliance Service", Irvine  [cancel Oct, 2006]

Dentist  Oksana Bublik,  Mission Viejo  [cancel Sep, 2007] 

Translator / Interpreter,  Victor Voronel,  Mission Viejo / Tustin [cancel Mar, 2017]

Realtor / Notary,  Rita Gorbunova,  Tustin  [cancel Jul, 2008]

Loan Services,  Rita Gorbunova,  Tustin  [cancel Jul, 2008]


June 1, 2005 


Insurance Services,  Lily Vorobyov,  Irvine  [cancel Nov, 2006] 

Lawyer / Attorney,  Vladimir Khiterer,  Newport Beach OC LA I.E - details 

Realtor  Paula (Polina) Kagan,  Irvine  [cancel Apr, 2008] 

Doctor - Internal Medicine,  Katherine Manasson,  Mission Viejo OC - details 

Auto Mechanic Shop, "The Auto Clinic", Irvine  [cancel May, 2007] 


May 15, 2005 


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